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LA Abutment

Geo LA Multibase

Cutting guideline

Height is editable on Geo Library

Two screws

TiN coating screw & Anodized titanium screw

Biocompatible Titanium

(Ti-6AI-4V ELI) from CARPENTER Co. guarantees high-durability

Groove line

Enhanced adhesion after cementing zirconia

Single and bridge case

Available single and bridge types of abutments

Gold tin-coating

Allowing improvement on aesthetic points and also identifying the perfect fit between abutment and fixture

Anti rotation surface

A plane surface on the abutment prevents rotation between zirconia and abutment


Various compatible Implant systems

Screw channel path can be changed up to 30 degree Geo angle driver necessary
Emergence Profile is designed for long-term tissue stability, esthetics, and restorative flexibility
Height is editable on Geo Library
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