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Ti-oss® Block

Ti-oss® is made from 100% cancellous bone without any cortical portion. Innovative pulverizing technique allows multiporous structure, maximizing blood vessel ingrowth.

Average Ti-oss® pore size is more than three times of other world-leading product. This advanced manufacturing technique permits rapid absorption of blood or saline into the block

Low-temperature processing technique allows ideal, natural surface topography, the same as human bone, stimulating osteoblast activity. Vitrification phenomenon caused by high-temperature process has been completely controlled.

Pre HA structure, octacalcium phosphate crystal is found on the surface of Ti-oss®, resulting in fast bone formation

Unique 100% multi-porous cancellous nature offers higher quantitative mass volume per gram unit, compared to other nonporous product. This leads to less material cost.

Ti-oss®​ Block details

BLK8812 Ti-oss® Block 8 x 8 x 12 mm
BLK8825Ti-oss® Block 8 x 8 x 25 mm
Large pore size
Natural Rough Surface
Octacalcium Phosphate
Uniformity of Ti-oss®
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