December 18, 2023

“Ti-oss” production process: how is it better than others?

Bone regeneration is necessary to restore missing tissue, and reliable manufacturing conditions are essential for this. "Ti-oss®" regeneration products are biocompatible, highly porous and based on OCP (octacalcium phosphate). In this article, we will discuss in more detail the main advantages of the production process for this product.

Raw material safety

Korean Ti-oss® bone substitutes are made from 100% Australian bovine bone. Each animal is identified by an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) system, wearing electronic ear tags from birth. After slaughter, an international barcode system is used to trace any possible source of disease. Australian cattle are certified as healthy by the world’s leading authorities.

Ti-Oss Photo | Large Pore Size

Quality and efficiency of the production process

Chiyewon’s production facility achieved certification in 2012. “Ti-oss® has undergone viral inactivation, toxicity, biocompatibility, animal comparison and other tests in nationally recognised laboratories. Thanks to advanced low-temperature processing and multi-porosity technology, Ti-oss® has high osteoconductivity, in contrast to high-temperature brands. Multi-porous structure

The most important factor in the healing process is the access of blood vessels to the bone substitute to provide it with the necessary oxygen and other nutrients. This is particularly important during the first two weeks of bone growth. The multi-pore feature of pineal bone provides this essential environment. Over more than two years of thorough experimentation, Chiyewon has developed a unique and simplified technology for the production of bone substitutes in sizes of 0,5-1,2 mm and 1,2-1,7 mm.

Octacalcium phosphate crystal (OCP)

The main component of Ti-oss® bone substitutes is octacalcium phosphate material, also known as “OCP”. This advanced non-organic, mineral matrix has the ability to accelerate the bone formation process. Moreover, it is a 100% pure porous material without any cortical particles.

Ti-oss® products are therefore clearly superior to other leading products on the world market. Its advanced manufacturing technology promotes a much faster bone regeneration rate.

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